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Common .NET Development Tool Library



Newtonsoft.Json - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

Newtonsoft.Json(Json.NET) is a JSON serialization and deserialization library for the .NET platform which provides flexible, high-performance, and user-friendly JSON Data processing solutions. Newtonsoft.Json supports the conversion of various .NET Data types to JSON data, and supports complex Data structures and deeply nested JSON Data processing. In the .NET space, Newtonsoft.Json is widely used for web API Data transfer, Data exchange in front-end and back-end separation architectures and more - making it one of the foundational libraries in .NET development.

SharpZipLib - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

SharpZipLib is an open-source compression library for the .NET platform that can be used in C# or VB.NET for compressing, decompressing, reading or writing compressed files. SharpZipLib supports various common compression formats, including zip, gzip, bzip2, tar and 7z, and also comes with other auxiliary utilities such as encryption and decryption utilities. SharpZipLib can be used conveniently in .NET applications for scenarios such as file backup, file transfer, and log archiving.

NOPI - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

NOPI is a.NET platform open source Excel processing library that helps .NET developers read, create, edit, and populate Excel files in C# or VB.NET. NOPI supports various common Excel file formats, including xls, xlsx, xlsm, etc. NOPI provides rich APIs and usage examples, making it easier and more efficient for developers in Excel processing, and is one of the useful tool libraries in.NET development.

iText(iTextSharp) - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

iText is an open source PDF processing library for the .NET platform that helps .NET developers create, read, edit and populate PDF files in C# or VB.NET. iText supports various common PDF operations, including text, tables, links, images, graphics, digital signatures and more. iText also provides many useful tools such as HTML-to-PDF converter, PDF form autocompletion, PDF document generator, etc. iText is widely used in many fields, such as e-commerce, document management, insurance finance, law, healthcare and more.

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