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Common .NET Object Relationship Mapping ORM Development Framework



NHibernate - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

NHibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for the .NET platform that enables database Data to be mapped to the .NET object model, providing features such as batch operations, query caching, lazy loading, and cascading operations, amongst others. NHibernate is based on the Hibernate design template and aims to implement Data persistence on the .NET platform using object-relational mapping (ORM), working with multiple database platforms.

AutoMapper - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

AutoMapper is an object mapping library for the .NET platform, used to convert Data between objects. AutoMapper can greatly simplify the object mapping process, including the mapping code that would otherwise need to be manually written and type conversions. It provides flexible configuration options and highly optimized mapping performance, supporting custom type resolution and type conversion, making the object mapping process easier to manage and more readable.

Dapper - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

Dapper is a high-performance ORM framework for the .NET platform, which greatly simplifies Data access and persistence without sacrificing performance. Dapper is easy to use, flexible, and has powerful performance features, supporting low-level raw SQL queries and advanced features like fast streaming, executing stored procedures, etc. Dapper also provides convenient ORM mapping implementations, supporting object result set mapping, one-to-many result set mapping, lazy loading, etc. It is an excellent ORM framework for .NET platform.

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