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Laminas(Zend Framework) - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

Laminas (Zend Framework) is an open source framework officially launched by Zend to develop web programs and services with PHP. It is implemented with 100% object-oriented coding. Laminas has a unique component structure, and each component hardly depends on other components. Such loose coupling structure allows developers to use components independently.

Laravel - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

Larravel is an open source web application framework developed in PHP. It is a concise and elegant framework with concise and expressive grammar. Laravel adheres to the concept of "Don't Repeat Yourself" and advocates code reuse. Larravel provides powerful functions for developing large applications, including automatic verification, routing, session, cache, database migration, etc.

Symfony - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

Symfony is a complete large-scale web application development framework, which provides several key functions for accelerating PHP development. First of all, it separates the business rules, service logic and presentation pages of web applications. It provides a large number of tools and classes to reduce the development of complex web applications. In addition, it turns some commonly used tasks into automated ways so that developers can fully focus on the unique features of each program.

CakePHP - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

CakePHP is an open source PHP framework imitating Ruby on Rails. It uses the rapid development framework of famous design patterns such as ActiveRecord, AssociationDataMapping, FrontController and MVC. Its main goal is to provide a PHP developer at all levels to quickly develop robust Web applications without failure.

ThinkPHP - Official website - Source code - Document - Download address - Score()

ThinkPHP is a free, open source, fast and simple object-oriented lightweight PHP development framework, which is very popular in China. It was born for agile web application development and simplified enterprise application development. Since its birth, ThinkPHP has always adhered to the design principle of simplicity and practicality. While maintaining excellent performance and simple code, it also pays attention to ease of use. It also has many original functions and features. With the active participation of the community team, it has been continuously optimized and improved in terms of ease of use, scalability and performance, which can be stably used for the development of commercial and portal websites.

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